Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal

Archives   2017

Myanmar   Health   Sciences   Research   Journal

Volume   29,  Number   1

TITLE:   Dietary Habits and Nutritional Status of the Elderly in Insein Township, Yangon Region in 2013
AUTHOR:   Lwin Lwin Aye, Htin Linn, Moh Moh Hlaing & Aye Mya Aung
SOURCE:   Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal, Vol. 29, No. 1, 2017
ABSTRACT:   The community-based, cross-sectional descriptive study aimed to assess the dietary habits and nutritional status of elderly was conducted among 60 to 75 years old elderly in five selected wards of Insein Township, Yangon Region from October to November 2013. Data were collected by using semi-structured questionnaires and Mini-Nutritional Assessment Short Form (MNA-SF), tool to assess the nutritional status of the elderly people including anthropometric measurements of weights and heights or calf circumferences. Out of 153 respondents, 54.2% were well-nourished, 7.2% malnourished, and 38.6% at risk of malnutrition according to MNA-SF. Among 153 respondents, 143 were available for measurements of weight and height to calculate BMI. Majority of respondents (44.76%) were within normal BMI range followed by overweight (26.6%), underweight (18.88%) and obese (9.8%). Dietary habits of the elderly people were asked using food frequency questionnaires (FFQ). Although 66% of the elderly people ate vegetables daily, only 24.8% and 13.7% of the elderly people consumed fruits and milk daily. About one-third (33.3%) of the elderly people were suffering from chewing difficulties either a little or severe. Although age groups, main meal taken per day and chewing difficulties of the elderly people were not associated with their nutritional status, sex and education status were associated with nutritional status of the elderly people in this study. In conclusion, health care providers need to aware of nutritional problem of elderly and it scopes for further screening, monitoring and supporting for better nutritional status.
SUBJECT HEADINGS:   Elderly, Dietary habits, Nutritional status, MNA-SF, Anthropometric measurements, FFQ

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