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Archives   2016

Myanmar   Health   Sciences   Research   Journal

Volume   28,  Number   3

TITLE:   New Stromal Marker CD10 and Estrogen Receptor Immunoexpression in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Breast (NST)
AUTHOR:   Khin Kant Kaw Oo, Nyo Me May Thyn, Yin Nwe & Myint Myint Nyein
SOURCE:   Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal, Vol. 28, No. 3, 2016
ABSTRACT:   Breast carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor and the leading cause of carcinoma death in women. CD10 is called common acute lymphoblastic leukaemic antigen (CALLA). CD10 expression is seen in the stroma of breast, prostate and lymphoid cells. Stromal CD10 expression in breast cancer changes with neoadjuvant anthracycline-based chemotherapy and also associated with biological aggressiveness. It can be used as independent prognostic marker and in targeted therapy. Breast cancer is a hormone-dependent tumor. Two-third of all breast cancer are estrogen receptor positive. Aim is to determine CD10 and ER immunoexpression in invasive ductal carcinoma of breast (NST) and their association with histological grades. Fifty cases of histologically identified invasive ductal carcinoma of breast (NST) were included in this study. CD10 expression was detected in 64% and 36% showed no immunoexpression. Among 32 cases of positive CD10 immunoreactivity, 22% were grade 2 and 78% were grade 3 (p=0.01). In the 18 cases of negative CD10 cases, 11% were grade 1, 61% were grade 2 and 28% were grade 3 (p=0.01). ER immunoexpression was detected in 34% and 66% showed no immunoexpression.Among 17 cases of positive ER immunoreactivity, 70% were grade 2 and 30% were grade 3 (p=0.01). Among 33 cases of negative ER immunoreactivity, 6% were grade 1, 18% were grade 2 and 76% were grade 3 (p=0.01). It was found that the higher the histological grade, the stronger the CD10 expression and ER negativity. There was also a negative correlation between stromal CD10 expression and ER expression.
SUBJECT HEADINGS:   Invasive ductal carcinoma of breast (NST), CD 10, Estrogen receptor (ER)

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