Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal

Archives   1992

Myanmar   Health   Sciences   Research   Journal

Volume   4,  Number   2

TITLE:   The effect of quinine and Quinidine on patients with highly parasitized falciparum malaria ( A double blind study ).
AUTHOR:   Tin Shwe; Pe Than Myint; Cho Cho Myint; Tin Aung
SOURCE:   Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal. 1992; 4(2): 110-115
ABSTRACT:   Sixty patients with high level of parasites in the blood (i.e., more than 2. of RBCs parasitised) were chosen for the study. They were paired in sex and associated complications as nearly as possible. The first group of patients was treated with drug (A) and the remaining with drug (B). Drugs (A) and drug (B) consisted fo quinine or quinidine, (injection and tablets) which is unknown to investigators. 15mg/kg quinine or quinidine was given as a loading dose infused over 4 hours followed by 2 doses of 7.5mg/kg base also infused over 4 hours each at 8 hours intervals. This was followed by oral therapy. The oral drugs were continued as 7.5 mg kg base 3 times/ day till day 7% the efficacy of the 2 drugs were compared in terms of mortality, development of complications parasite and fever clearance, time. All patients survived, significantly higher level of serum quinine was recorded, when compared to quinidine through out the study. Serum insulin of five pairs of patients and blood glucose level of 15 pairs of patients were within the normal range (in all patients) throughout the study period. Blood glucose level in patients treated with quinine is significantly lower than those treated with quinidine at the first 36 hours of treatment. Since the parasite clearance time, fever clearance time mortality rate and recrudescence rate between the 2 groups of patients were comparable, we conclude that quinidine is clinically equal but not more potent than quinine. It is probably more toxic because of more ECG changes. Quinidine may be used as alternative only if quinine is not available.
SUBJECT HEADINGS:   Quinine. Quinidine. Malaria, Falciparum-drug therapy.

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