Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal

Archives   2012

Myanmar   Health   Sciences   Research   Journal

Volume   24,  Number   1

TITLE:   IgG antibodies against measles among vaccinees.
AUTHOR:   Winn Pa Pa Aung; May Kyi Aung; Aye Marlar Win; Win Win Maw; Yin Yin Nwe
SOURCE:   Myanmar Health Services Research Journal. 2012; 24(1): 60-66
ABSTRACT:   The study was conducted in “Ka” and “Sa” wards of North Okkalapa Township in the year 2010. The vaccinees were enrolled by convenience sampling on August 29 and September 5. The participants and/or guardians who gave written informed consent were selected and a total of51 documented measles vaccinees were obtained. The ethical committee of University of Medicine 2, Yangon approved the study. Serum samples collected from subjects who have had vaccine card were assayed for anti-measles Ig G using Genzyme Virotech ELISA test kit. The serological assay was done at Common Research Laboratory, University of Medicine 2.Of the 51 vaccinees, 23 were males and 28 were females, and the ages ranged from 1 to 20 years. Fourteen subjects were two-dose vaccinees, the remaining 37 were vaccinated only once. The overall seropositivity rate was 31 (61%), the borderline and seronegative results were 5 (10%) and 15 (29%), respectively. Eleven (78.57%) of two-dose and 20 (54.05%) of one-dose vaccinees were seropositive. The study groups were stratified into 5 age groups with the interval of 4 years. The highest (100%) was found in 13-16.9 and >17 years age group, the lowest (47.06%) seropositivity in 5-8.9 years age groups and the other two groups, 1-4.9 and 9-12.9 years age groups showed 66.67% and 62.5% seropositivity, respectively. In this study, the seropositivity rate did not differ significantly with respect to age and sex, whereas vaccinees who had received association with seropositivity. two doses of measles vaccine had increased

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