Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal

Archives   2013

Myanmar   Health   Sciences   Research   Journal

Volume   25,  Number   2

TITLE:   Helicobacter pylori Infection among Endoscopy-proved Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer Patients from Thingangyun Sanpya Hospital, Yangon
AUTHOR:   Khin Swe Thant; Mya Mya Aye; May Kyi Aung
SOURCE:   Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal. 2013; 25(2): 120-124
ABSTRACT:   Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) colonizes over 50% of world population. Prevalence of gastritis, gastric ulcers (GU) and duodenal ulcers (DU) caused by H. pylori is high in developing countries and also in Myanmar. The aim of the study is to find out H pylori infection among gastritis and peptic ulcer patients by using different tests. The study was performed from January to September 2010 in University of Medicine 2, Yangon and Gastrointestinal Unit of Thingangyun Sanpya Hospital, Yangon. It comprised a total of 100 cases (aged 15 years and above) with endoscopy-proved gastritis and peptic ulcerations. Morphological identification of H. pylori by Giemsa staining, presumptive identification by conventional urease test and serological identification by SD BIOLINE ICT test were done among endoscopy-proved 72 gastritis cases, 20 GU cases and 8 DU cases. Among them, 43 cases were positive in all three tests, 28 cases were positive in any two, 22 cases were positive in anyone and 7 cases were negative in all three tests. H. pylori infection was diagnosed in 71/100 cases (71%) including 50/72 gastritis cases (69.44%), 14/20 GU cases (70%) and 7/8 DU cases (87.5%) in which at least two tests resulted positive. High prevalence of H. pylori in this study reflects various gastrointestinal problems among the population. To prevent the further adverse outcome, it is very important to be conducted screening and eradication of H. pylori throughout an individual’s life.

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